Armor · August 4, 2021

The Best Anti RPG Gear – Tactic Plate Carrier

If you are interested in the military, then you will know the importance of having a carrier that can handle a large number of RPG rounds. Many people are quick to point out that you only need one type of armament for the job, and they are correct. The problem with this type of statement is that you have to balance that against the effectiveness of other RPG caliber equipment. In other words, you want the maximum amount of armor protection while minimizing the number of rounds used by the enemy to eliminate you.

Tactical vests are not the same as soft armor on the vest, and I am not sure why some people call them such. Soft armor is not nearly as effective as hard armor, although there are exceptions. I recommend picking up either soft or hard armor and using a tactop plate carrier on your vest. This will increase your overall armor system effectiveness because your body will be held tightly in place. You should carry a few extra of each on your person to be distributed around your body and on vehicles. RPG rounds will go through anything, but if they cannot get through the soft armor, then you will be safe.

The plates that you select for your carrier should be extremely durable. You do not want to be in the process of pulling out your RPG vest, only to find that it is rusted from where it was last placed. The front of your carrier should have the most armor. You should also utilize both sides of your plates for cover, as they will not see much use. Lastly, you should carry a vest/body bag to store all of your items.